A white dwarf heart ♥ (poem)


​sky is dark, land is dark, river also dark,

this wolf sitting in a uncertain place,

watching the leftover of a beautiful palace,

sometime she walk on them,

sometime she dance on them,

sometime she laugh loudly on them,

and then suddenly she go silent on them,

she knows she can’t change what already happens,

also she can’t forget those happy moments,

even like tide came and goes,

what left is only salts,

something took away her brightness,

what left is a white dwarf heart.

she is glowing more and more everynight,

in that dense dust and dark it’s the only light,

but still, wolf is alone, wolf is silent, wolf is lifeless.

wolf is fighting this long war,

war of consequences of a tiny mistake.

but her glow is never ending,

now this dwarf heart is more beguiling. ❤

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remember the future, predict the past… 


​I love this sentence “remember the future, predict the past “. But at first, I also got confused.

-How can I remember the future??  (I’m not there yet) 

-How can I predict the past??  (it’s already happened) 

The fact is, it’s all about imagining. Sometimes my friends say “we are bored.””we have nothing to do. “”just sitting and chatting all day. “”nothing is increasing anymore “. That time I used to get astonished. We humans, have a great brain, which never get bored of thinking. Thinking is the best way to analyse anything or to pass time (if you have a lot free times). Even, the more you think and analyse yourself,more you raise the ability to choose a better future.

So, how “remember the future, predict the past ” is possible?. Well if you know famous game designer /futurist JANE MCGONIGAL’S work then you will love it.

First, how to remember the future? We can do a exercise. First think about a object or a friend. Then think about a activity you want to do, then think about a far away place. Mix the three points, you want to do X activity with Y person at Z place. Now you have a future, you can imagine all the possible way, how you go to that situation, how you doing X  activity. More you do the exercise, you will know what you really want in future.

Second, how to predict the past?  This exercise is quite easy. But, more effective. Imagine what if you have chosen something different, your life should have totally different. See, the different choice how impacted upon your present. Believe me, everyday you got different news or meet different people. So it’s easy to image a different past with total different yourself. You can image the things you never did, it’s quite easy.

But, it’s not about only imagining. It’s about explaining that different past /future. How can that would /will happen. If you write the total explanation., you will get highest results of exercise.

So, if you are bored or have a lot of time. Try to do this. I’m not sure it’s fun for you or not. But, it’s fun.

So, “remember the future, predict the past “.

Have a nice day

here comes she (poem)


here comes sunrise,

putting magic on all lives.

she came out of cave,

making me confused the way I behave,

captivated by her confession,

my heart fluttering in every direction,

we both moving in labyrinth of ecstasy,

she being inamorata is like a fantasy.
here comes sunset,

taking the warmth from all sight,

cities starting to get brighter,

with her smile mind feels lighter,

like a butterfly she dances,

so seductive, seductive enough to gather all eyes.

she is the marrow to my happiness,

still confused what I’m in her sense.
here comes she,

Kissing me like a fallen star,

no distraction felt in the moment,

Bones shivering with a shocking flow of current.

so drunk with the situation,

don’t care about upcoming tension.

she came like a flash of light,

can’t let her go out of sight.
here comes she,

turning life to a wild ecstasy.

confusion (poem)


Always in the dark,

never a light crack,

a mind of lonely,

ride on false track.
Avoiding companion,

avoiding relation,

to keep a distance far,

Just blinking like a star.


Confusion in the mind,

to choose which kind,

afraid of getting pulled again,

choice is hard to mean.
without clicking help,

going down in life mark,

a mind of lonely,

ride on false track.

ravishing smile ☺ (poem)


​Before watching the world,

Before touching the world,

A child in the belly makes the parents smile.

In every desperate moment,

When a person dwell in dark,

A friend will help to give you your smile.

Even the world can refuse you,

Even if the world beyond,

But we forgot all those bitterness, when we see our mother’s smile.

Why a smile so ravishing?

Why is it makes the heat low?

How strong it’s effect on our mind.

Make a permanent place in face to wear it,

Even those who got nothing, will smile a little bit.

The world will be beautiful, when everyone is happy,

You begin the start, or you will be creepy.

Smile is the one key to everyone’s heart,

Make that key long last, even if you don’t last.

For everyone’s sake, smile a while,

You will  feel great, never back on wheel,

It will be the ravishing smile, your smile, the unique one. :D:D:D😚

A quick suggestion on novels you should add to your reading list. :D


I love reading novels. Mostly YA and fantasy or science fiction also some serious novels. As this is my first time on this kind of blog I will only add some novels which you will like them.
6. The mortal instruments 

The mortal instruments is a young adult fantasy novel series consists of six novels written by Cassandra Clare. Story set in brooklyn, Newyork. It’s a story about journey of clary fray, after her mother’s death to find her ancestor’s true past and also to remember her past memory. Plot consists of demons, shadowhunters, fairies, warlocks, werewolves and vampires etc. All in all its a story of love, honour and betrayal. Writing was fabulous. I was so crazy after reading first novel, end up reading whole 6 novels in 6 days.
5. The infernal devices 

The infernal devices is a prequel to the mortal instruments by Cassandra Clare. Tesaa gray is the central character of this novel. As a teenage girl, she discovered about her ability of shape shifting, as she doesn’t have any warlock mark, she refer to be rare kind. Through 3 books of the series, it’s life of tessa living with shadowhunters and to protect her family. Main characters are William herondale (will ),James Carstairs, theresa gray. It also have magnus bane who is my favourite character in shadowhunter series. If you are a fantasy novel fan this series is must read.
4. Me and Earl and the Dying girl 

Me and Earl and the Dying girl is a debut novel by jesse andrews. In story, greg gaines is a high-schooler who able to disappear into any social stuff. He has one friend Earl and they spend time together mostly making movies. A girl named Rachel get diagnosed with leukemia, so greg’s mother forced him to spend time with her. This novel is totally hilarious. I laugh most reading this novel. Whoever loves ‘cancer books ‘, it’s one of the best in my view. Lastly, as author said from beginning it’s a not a love story so be aware.
3. An abundance of Katherine 

An abundance of Katherine is a YA novel by John green. For protagonist Colin, when it comes to relationship, he always happens to be with girls named Katherine. To be exact, he has been dumped 19 times. So this time on a road trip with his friend Hassan, he found a girl named Katherine. Meanwhile he is on a mission to prove his theory “the theorem of underlying Katherine predictability “.love, friendship, humour packed in this novels. And it’s also a geeky novel.
2. None of the above 

None of the above is a novel by I.w.gregarious, about a teenage girl named kristin. After becoming homecoming queen, she discovered about her intersex state. It’s compelling and sensitive novel. If you never heard of intersex? then you should surely read it. It’s kind of different novel than normal young adult novels. Also it’s a non fiction work about one of author’s patient. I highly recommend this novel.
1. Ready player one 

So, at last “ready player one ” is my all time favourite novel. It’s a science fiction and dystopian novel by Ernest cline. As story set in year 2044, the world under energy crisis after the depletion of fossil fuels and rise in global warming. The socio-economic problems are high. To feel comfort from real world, people use the oasis (a virtual reality world accessible by player across the world. With same same currency as in real world. ). The oasis was created by James halliday, who on his death, announced to the public about the hunt to inherit his entire fortune (easter egg hunt ). So, protagonist wade watts solve the puzzle after 5 years of announcement. Then journey starts to discover all 3 keys to the treasure. Wade watts aka parzival, halliday aka anorak, art3mis are some of the main characters of the story. The whole story gives an amazing experience of parzival’s journey. I loved it. And also a movie will be released on the plot in same name next year. Directed by Steven speilberg.
So that’s my suggestions. Hope u read and enjoy. Thanks 😀

are we in a simulation???? 


​As depicted in science fiction series “divergent “, the protagonist have to pass through simulation test. It is so amazing, cause everything happens inside of the brain. But the question arises…..

are we in a simulation?????”

“are we sitting for some kind of experiments???? “

I know you must be thinking many different questions. But the answer is not with me.

So, think about this life, you born and die. What if you sit in a simulation and you forget all about you. You born in simulation and die in. When you die, you remember that you are in a simulation. Suddenly you remember about all the simulation you been to. In other case, maybe you are in a experiment. Maybe actually we are not human, we are being a human in a certain simulation.

I know it’s mad to think right now, but science always been changed with time ( from earth being centre to sun being centre).

Well I told you, I didn’t have the answers to these questions. But we can be sure, if we create such a simulation. We can take many life forms, we can born and die in simulation again and again. I write this to give you a total different insight. What if this is real??  Well I’m not mad, but this is worth thinking sometimes.

What if we are in a simulation???  Just think about it. :D:D;)